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Mar 14, 2005
So back in November I went into local Sainsburys to buy a gift card for £250, put debit card in reader, card was declined,so used my business card which was accepted, asked Sainsburys what the problem was ''don't know , you need to contact Lloyds'' so off I go across the road to Lloyds, explain what has happened to young lady who checks, and says declined as a security issue to protect me. Contacts fraud team who say should have got cash out of machine and used that to buy voucher as they thought it was a common scam, to use debit card to buy vouchers. Couldn't explain why I used my business card which is Lloyds and it was accepted. Any way I wander off home and write to Lloyds to complain, get a nice letter back , mainly waffle, telling me the''level of advice provided has been poorly positioned''but paid £30 in to my account for inconvenience.
Nowhere can I find any information from Lloyds that says do not use your debit card to purchase gift vouchers,so now I have a debit card that I am reluctant to use, as it seems Lloyds have a security system called ACTO BLOCK which will block not just the debit card I tried to use , but any other Lloyds cards, not sure if this includes Halifax,held in my name including joint accounts. Upshot is that Lloyds think I should be grateful that they saved me from myself,but if you feel like making a quick 30 quid and you have a Lloyds account all you need to do is find something to complain about.
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Nov 6, 2005
HSBC is more generous - I fired off a complaint because their system doesn't allow joint account holders to share a mobile number, so my wife can't make online transactions since the extra level of security was introduced - had a pleasant phone call which sympathised with our situation, suggested sending us a card reader to use as an alternative - and put £75 onto our account.
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