Electric points in France

Mar 14, 2005
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You would be well advised to take an adapter in any event. We have been to France twice now with the first site being a standard UK plug but the second site had the full monty of two pin plug with reverse polarity and a low output of 5 amps...no good for hair dryers !!!

Get yourself a plug-in socket tester too (B&Q
Jan 19, 2002
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It is worth spending a few quid on an adapter to fit the french 'standard' bollard, although many sites have introduced the euro points. Either way be sure to test polarity as the french use double pole switching ( both +ve and -ve disconnected) they have no polarity concerns, but as we have single pole (only the live disconnected) our appliances could still be live when switched off if polarity is reversed. Many caravanners make up a short adapter lead with the +ve and -ve deliberately swapped in one end. If you do this you MUST label the lead well to avoid any mistaken misuse.


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