Eriba Feeling Nova Light 425/Hobby Deluxe 400 SFE

Nov 27, 2019
Hi everybody.
I will buy a new caravan for my family (just my wife and my daughter) and this will be the first caravan for us. I just wander about making decision between new Hymer Eriba Feeling Nova Light 425 and Hobby Deluxe 400 SFE models. And also I plan to tow it with my Renault Talisman Diesel Auth. 160 horsepower vehicle. Is it okey for towing them?
Could you please help me for my decision.
Many thanks for your co-operations.
May 7, 2012
Firstly check the kerb weight of the car and its towing capacity and the MTPLM (maximum loaded weight) of the caravan.. Basically the cars kerb should be heavier than the caravan and the more the better The advice from the two clubs and National Caravan Council is that the MTPLM should be no more than 85% of the cars kerb weight although most people do feel that with modern cars and caravans that is a bit too low.
The Nova Light shows MTPLM,s from 1200 to 1600 kg allowing 165 to 465 kg payload. I cannot see the upper end being needed and 165 might suffice, but a bit more would help. The Hobby has an MTPLM of 1300 kg with a decent payload of 205 kg, so you should be able to see if that is within the limits in my first paragraph.
My figures are for current caravan models and if you are looking at older ones chek they are the same.
At those weight 160 bhp should be enough, but the car also needs decent torque figures as that is what helps when starting from rest and on hills.
Which suits you best is very personal so you just have to look at both and make your mind up.
Mar 14, 2005
In case you had not realised, this forum is based in the UK, and consequently we are not generally familiar with towing regulations and advice for other countries.

The Renault Talisman Diesel Auth. is not available in the UK, so we do not have any detail information about the cars specifications. We can only therefore offer general advice. For specific legal requirements you must check with the authorities in the country in which you will be towing.

Generally it is advisable to choose a large car to tow a smaller caravan. In the UK the industry advises caravan's MTPLM should be less than the cars unladen weight, subject to the cars towing specifications.Other countries do not offer the same advice.

The car you have suggested is a Turbo diesel unit, and should provide ample torque to move the car and caravan of the size you are anticipating in normal traffic flows.

You must check your local regulations for towing and what your driving licence will entitle you to drive.
Nov 11, 2009
You should also look carefully at Renaults manual for towing as at one time for some models as the car load increased the caravans maximum weight decreased by the same amount.
Essential to study your national legislation regarding outfit weights and driving licence approval.



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