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Nov 16, 2015
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Apologies I was not aware that you are the new self appointed moderator? I mentioned spelling as it was in this thread that it cropped up
I also find it irrelevant and never found your references to the alphabet. Getting your posting numbers up again maybe.
Nov 11, 2009
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Surely not so on a decent French wine, possibly a German, the two places being visited on this subject's trip? ;) Can't imagine a French wine expert accepting such a radical change, despite it being better at least re reliability.

Possibly shows that sadly we have not made it to either since 2019, for decades our locations of choice.
Good news there is a strong return by consumers to cork for wine stoppers. A British research institute had identified what causes “ cork taint” and Iberian cork producers are modifying their practices particularly in how they store and process cork. Incidences of taint are now less than 1 in 200, and even then most consumers cannot detect it. Good news in that every tonne of cork sequesters 73 tonnes of CO2.
Guess the supermarkets may now follow the trend back to cork. Although if I’m honest a screw cap is more convenient both in the opening of the bottle and saving half for the next evening
Must do our bit for the climate and Iberian free range pigs and move back to corks and drink more wine. 😂


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