Excellent service from Passport Office

Nov 11, 2009
On Monday 20 Feb I decided to use a local Photo Booth for a passport photo. The one I used could take the ID photo and send it direct to the UKPO. I then picked up the copies of the photo and went home to fill out the online application. By 1400h the application had been submitted. I then took my old passport to the post office to send to UKPO. That arrived at 0714hon 24 Feb. By 2010h that day the application had been approved and printing of the new passport authorised. Printing completed at 0141h on 1 March and I received the new passport via DHL around mid day today 2 March.

Throughout the UKPO send emails and texts keeping you updated on progress. It’s good that issuing has improved compared to last year, but the UKPO website still warns of possible 10 week periods.

Okay now for a short notice break if the opportunity should arise.
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Nov 16, 2015
That's good news, SWMBO, requires a passport renewal, and also new photos, so best I get myself to get herself, into renewal mode.


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