Sep 24, 2008
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Go to Horsley several times a year, mainly for fishing. Last week thought when we got their it is going to be a wet week. As it turned out the weather and fishing was great. Now comes the part for posting. Tuesday having a good day when bringing in a nice carp the landing net started bending bit more then I expected, found I had two in there , one on hook. thought that is unusual. Wednesday, again good day only this time bringing in a nice one again , landing net going bonkers, now have three in there. I thought Thursday would be exciting but no just normal. Tried to take photos but in the landing net they were jumping all over the show. No keep nets allowed.
Nov 16, 2015
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Stayed at a site , Summners ponds, found the place to be great for ,fishing, but sorry I don't like your sport, but each to there own. Nice pub nearby.


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