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Apr 24, 2005
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Hi, we've just bought our first caravan, well, ordered it, an Avondale dart 556-6 (MRO 1070kg, MTPLM 1300kg). We're planning to tow it with a Renault Grand scenic 1.9 dci (kerbweight 1530, max towing limit 1300kg). Well, I thought we'd done our homework and found the right outfit, but from what I've been reading in the forums we might have a problem, as apparently, by the time you load your awning, gas bottles, battery, water carriers, pots and pans etc... you're up to your limit. That means there's no allowance left for luggage, bikes etc!!!! There's 6 of us -4 children- which means the space in the car is already taken up with people, leaving little room for luggage. Am I panicking for nothing, or can you indeed fit all a family of 6 would need with careful loading??? Would greatly appreciate your comments.

Mar 14, 2005
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Hello Elie

If your figures are correct then you have a payload capacity of 230Kg (1300-1070). You are right that all you additional items must not exceed that figure for the caravan, but you must also consider the Gross Train weight, which is the combined laden weights of car and caravan. You must not exceed the published figure for the vehicle.

Consider only taking one bottle of gas, and always empty water containers (and water heaters)to keep weight down. Take only emergency rations, and buy you food locally. Perhaps move some heavy items to the car?

The danger is that if you are working close to the maximum permitted figures, it is easy to exceed one or more of the underlying limits (e.g axle loads, tow hitch limits etc).

You must check carefully for all these figures - I belive that Renault plate thier vehicles with all the relavant data, and there should be a data plate on or close to the tow ball for the hitch limits.

If any two limits seem to conflict, then you must use the lower value.

There are no simple answers to your dilema, you must work through the figures carefully. and trim weight wherever possible.
Mar 14, 2005
Unless I am mistaken, the Grand Scenic 1.9DCI also has a maximum permissible gross train weight of 3050kg. I think that the max. GVW of the car is around 2195kg, which means that if you load the car up fully, you may only tow 855kg, which will not allow you to tow the Avondale legally. I'd therefore strongly advise you to check these figures first. You should find them plated on the car and in the owner's handbook.
Dec 12, 2005
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I tow with a Scenic 2 1.9dCI and according to the user handbook, printed in Feb 2005, Kerb Wt 1430kgs, maxAUW 2010kgs, max tow braked, 1350kgs DRIVER ONLY. otherwise it's only 950kgs! This silly situation was taken up by the "Caravan" magazine in July 04, but was not resolved, at least I never heard any more until I contacted "Caravan" who advised me to get in touch with Renault UK Customer Services in Rickmansworth. Which I did and spoke to a James Cox, who immediately knew what I was on about,as he said "Oh you want THE letter!!" he then appologised for the confusion created by the information supplied in the Scenic handbook and sent me THE letter, which said & I quote:-

"To clarify this matter, as long as the combination of the vehicle kerb weight(unladen) and the weight of the passengers, luggage, pets and other items,(the train weight) , does not exceed 3050kgs, we consider that you are within our recommendations for towing safely and within the vehicle's capabilities"

I tow a Swift Charisma 230 MTPLM 1230kgs.with no problem at all, even finding I have to keep an eye on the speedo on all roads, otherwise I could get a "flash".

I keep the "Letter" in the van handbook, just so the wife does'nt have to keep ducking out of sight everytime we go past a knowledgable looking constable!!!!

The Caravan Club mag has also had a go without any luck.

The phone No for this James Cox is 08000 723372, if he is still there.

Not that this info will do you much good Elie, other than confirm your gross train weight will exceed the max permissible.



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