Grey-ish Spots on front of caravan

Apr 25, 2021
Hi, sorry I think this may have been posted before (I read something similar) but I wanted to see if anyone could tell me what this might be.

We used our breathable caravan cover over the winter and took it off a few weeks ago. During winter I would often open the door (it had a removable Velcro door) to allow air circulation and did a regular mould check with a damp checker. All seemed fine inside the caravan.

however, I noticed these ‘grey’ spots only on the front of the caravan - on the front panel and some marks on the window (Sterling Eccles sport 442 - 2012 edition). I didn’t noticed them when first took the cover off but then I wasn’t really looking if I’m honest.

they won’t wipe off with water and a bit of elbow grease.

I’ve attached photos which might help. I’m dreading its mould damage of some sort but I’ve also seen people say it can be caused crap from the exhaust when towing (I tow with 2 litre Diesel).

thanks for any advice (and anything to try!)


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Jul 18, 2017
Have you tried Autoglym polish which should be okay on the front panel, but wait for other replies.
Nov 11, 2009
Your caravan front panel will be grp not ABS. Mine went very dull/Matt and regular car type polish like Autoglym weren’t touching it. So I used a grp polish from a local boat chandler. It was more aggressive so I went very carefully as the grp gel coat on the caravan front panel wasn’t as thick as you get on a boat, or grp car body. After recovering the shine all I did afterwards was use Autoglym followed by a coating of wax.
Stains may come out if you mix bicarbonate and white vinegar as a paste and apply gently. But test on a non visible area first. Alternatively try Silky on the local spots. I used it on the caravan plastics with no adverse effects.
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Apr 25, 2021
Thanks everyone for your replies and advice :)I’ll give those methods a try and go careful with it to make sure I don’t damage the exterior.

I’ll report back on what works in case anyone else with a similar problem see’s this.
Oct 21, 2020
I cleaned ours yesturday, first proper clean this year (we van all year round).
It's was quite mucky with lots of staining and dull front panel.
I started with concentrated Fenwicks, went onto autoglym snow foam and a microfiber brush and then finished with autoglym polar seal.
On the front panel, I used autoglym resin polish, came up a treat and removed the staining.
I usually use silky on the water, electric and gas flaps, they had really yellowed so tried some g3 compound, and followed up with resin polish.

With yours, give it a good wash then try some good quality polish. I'm sure it will come up lovely.

Jan 3, 2012
We use Fenwicks caravan cleaner and gave it a good wash and then try Mer The ultimate polish and the caravan looks lovely now.
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Oct 20, 2015
We use Fenwicks caravan cleaner and gave it a good wash and then try Mer The ultimate polish and the caravan looks lovely now.
I'm a fan of Mer - remember as a young (new) driver seeing it demonstrated in the old Rag Market in Birmingham on old mini bonnets and motorbike tanks.: easy on & easy away and leaving a nice protective shine. Easy to get online but you don't see it in many "physical shops" these days.
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