Ground Anchors?

Feb 25, 2017
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Been looking at getting some decent pegs for our porch awning.
Delta Ground Anchors keep appearing.
Are they worth the money............or just a gimmick?.
Any other suggestions / ideas please?

Thx. Simon
Nov 11, 2009
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The advert seems to major on their use when camping. So I guess green pitches. I’ve used the normal grp/ plastic pegs on grass and they grip well. But overall I’ve now tended to use the hardened rock pegs that have a coarse screw thread for half their length. They grip well on hard standing and grass. The Kampa Grippa ones look like those I use. They hammer in and aren’t the pegs that require screwing as they don’t do so well if they hit a hard stone whereas the hardened rock pegs will normally break the hardcore and continue to drive in.

Blue Diamond Heavy Duty Pile Driver were the last set that I bought. Similar to the Kampa Grippa.
May 24, 2014
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I concur with otherclive, they seem suitable for grass pitches and nothing else. I would also say that they appear quite expensive in comparision to other plastic pegs, and I would say that if ordinary plastic pegs are used correctly, i.e. a 45 degree angle, they are more than up to the job.

I do find plastic pegs hold the ground far better than rock pegs but I dont go on grass pitches very often.
Jun 28, 2018
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Delta pegs are superb. Expensive, yes, but worth every penny. I use them every time (on grass) for our tent, and will be using them on the awning when suitably pitched. The design ensures they grip in virtually any conditions, which is more than can be said for straight pegs (and I've used many, many different makes/styles/materials in my 50 years plus of camping). Suffice to say I wouldn't go back.
I understand they now also do a metal version, which may be worth looking into (i haven't, yet). No doubt they'll be eye-wateringly pricey though!