Hello, Back at it after 20 years!!

Oct 7, 2018
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:unsure: Hello everyone,

I have this summer took the plunge again,after previously having a caravan many moons ago when the kids where little,and our little van was very old then a old sprite, kids have grown up and with the dogs my other half wanted to do camping.....im not cut out for the tent life as we quickly discovered lol!
So we have a 2013 Swift conqueror 570 and the other half is now sold on the caravaning life, I cant tow as need to up my license and the size of my car!
So we are on a seasonal site for the time being, having a few teething issues hence why i have joined so will no doubt bore the pants off the lot of you real soon lol :p
May 7, 2012
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Welcome to the forum. If you have problems just post them on here as someone is almost bound to know the answer.


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