Hello from the Snaplegs House

Aug 15, 2010
Hello to all from the Snaplegs Household

We're new to caravanning (though we've been Happy Campers for years), in fact so new we still haven't actually been away in our van yet. The reason - I have not finished building it yet. Let me explain.

We decided to move from camping as me and my wife are not getting any younger and we have a bad track record with inflatable beds. We are keen Land Rover enthusiasts and so spend a lot of our time away at weekend events (be it off-road events, greenlaning or Land Rover Shows). We decided at the end of last year that a caravan would make our lives infinitely easier and started looking out for vans. One saturday morning, whilst downing coffee and toast, my wife spots an article on retro/vintage caravans and says "I want one" (bit like our 4 year old daughter). So we found a few and narrowed down our search to something we could stamp our personality on. Result - we are the proud owners of a 1973 Cheltenham Oribi. Downside - it needs a full on rebuild. It was meant to be completed by the end of May (ha ha ha) but like a Grand Designs programme fate intervened. Southern Electric took all our available funds, which meant I couldn't buy bits for the van, and my wife fell pregnant. So here we are, 6 months of ownership and I've only just finished the chassis (but I am a house husband so I've got plenty of free time to get on with it). We'll get there eventually (I'll post up a restoration thread if someone can point me out the most appropriate place to put it) and you never know we might actually manage a holiday or two that doesn't involve land rovers (they are my mid-life crisis).
Aug 12, 2007
Welcome Snappy, I think I may have caught a glimpse of your project elsewhere ;o) It would be good to see it all on here.


Nov 12, 2009
Hi Snaplegs
Welcome to the Practical Caravan forum. Your caravan renovation will be an interesting project, unfortunately this new version of the forum is still undergoing development so at the moment the only thing that I can suggest is that you start a blog

and add a link to it in your forum signature. Otherwise another option would be to start a topic in the General section and update it every now and then.
Good luck with the renovation
Aug 15, 2010
Parksy - does that create a blog on PCV or somewhere else in cyberspace? I'd be happy to launch one if it was on here but I'd rather not start a blog when I have two project threads running on two different forums (one a caravanning forum, one on a land rover forum), though I'd be happy to start another thread on this forum. I don't think I've got the patience to follow Nessy's wonderful example of a blog/website but I'll happily chip in to keeping a thread going.


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