Aug 7, 2016
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Just a quick post to introduce ourselfs.
We and Andrew And Debbie, new to motorhome and hoping to learn as much as we can.
Just taken the plung in to a 1992 Tabbort FFB 650 on Peugeot J5 cab.
Sure she old but she in great condition inside with every thing working as she should.
The engine and gear box are great only cover 120KM.
Had a coulpe of shake down weekends to ensure everything is in order with no issues...touch wood.
She came with everthing we need to tour, as the last owner had just completed 2 tours of europe (Sat nav, generator, tools, safari awning and lots more)
Exteria some of the graphic have faded, soi we are replacing them, and the side and rear lights plastics are cracked and perished so i have replaced them.
6 berth with fixed end bed and double over head cab bed is great.
Love the van, need to put some miles on her now to build experiance before moving on to a newer model.
All in all very happy with her for the £3800 paid.
Any advice and experiance others have had on these would be greatly received as there is not much out there.
Look forward to using the formun.
Happy motorhoming.
Andrew And Debbie
Jun 3, 2015
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Congratulations on your purchase !

Welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy your new purchase.

We are new to the MH scene ourselves, just bought a 686 in June 2015

Reading magazines and website articles is a great way to learn about Motorhome lifestyle and lots of site reviews too
Dec 19, 2012
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Congratulations on getting your new toy. Here's hoping that you have many great trips in it and enjoy being on the road as much as we do.
Nov 19, 2010
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Hi Andrew & Debbie, and welcome.
Great to see someone happily getting into our wonderful lifestyle without spending a 5-figure fortune. Although we were able to buy our present van new (thanks to a legacy), we'd previously owned and enjoyed four much older (and cheaper!) ones, including a VERY tatty old Transit coachbuilt which took us over the Pyrenees with two young kids (cost us £1600 I think, in about 1990).
Another "oldie" (and another Transit) was "Hannibal," our first 2-berth after the kids gave up on us. Hi-top van home-converted by someone else, bought for £3500 and served us faithfully for 8 years, going as far as Alicante one year, Florence another.
So enjoy your new purchase, and make use of it - not just for major holidays, but anytime you can get away for a weekend, or even an odd night. Check out the magazine's "Nightstop" scheme (it's on this website too), and google "Britstops" & "searchforsites" as other sources of cheap getaways.
Aug 7, 2016
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Thanks again for tthe lovely messages.
Attached is a photo of her(if it works) LOL
She will be loosing her gold strip soon, new FFB graphics purchased.
so far booked three additional trip after i return back from work, aim to make us of as much time as we can in her saving some time for upgrades and maintainance.
Hoping to hit the France early next year followed by holland and germany.
Dec 1, 2011
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Outside looks good. LHD? Number plate does not look english? Maybe Irish?
Best idea to buy an older model to start, then you will get to know what you really want
Have good trips


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