Nov 16, 2015
Hot weather, I dought very much that we have to remind ourself about our pets in the warm weather,
But just as as a reminder, car setc can overheat very quickly when left for a few minutes, when we *** to the supermarket. I FOUND THIS
Item really great, dogs are secure and well ventilated with car window open, different lengths available. .
Nov 11, 2009
Interesting but not for me as I dont really think that it opens the tailgate anywhere near wide enough. Cars internal temperature can ramp up so swiftly that this device doesn't give sufficient aperture even with windows or sunroof partially open. Also direct sunlight through the rear hatch window and rear quarters can affect dogs. We dont leave the dogs in the car when its likely that they could be affected. even travelling with aircon on they can find it uncomfortable with sunlight coming into the rear load area. So shades are sometimes used. But on longer trips we place them in the area behind us as the seat bases lift up and the dogs get aircon from the front and B pillars. For restraints we used German TUV approved harness:
Jul 18, 2017
If we have to do some shopping we prefer to leave the dogs in the caravan where they will be more comfortable. We do have draught excluders on our car that allows us to leave the windows open about an inch or so all around, plus we could leave the sunroof open. Okay for a 10 minute shop in the heat, but not if shopping for up to an hour!


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