Having recently had my annual service completed on my 2003 Elddis the dealer has informed me that I have a high damp reading (upto 50%)to the n/s rear and therefore a repair is required, thankfully under warranty. Should I be concerned about the repair. They have informed me that the complete basin unit (rear bathroom model) will have to be stripped out along with the replacement of the interior walls. Will an effective repair be accomplished ? Anyone else had this problem that can alleviate my worries would be grateful.
Mar 16, 2005
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Sorry to read of your problem or rather the dealers problem as it is a warranty job. I strongly suggest that you ensure your dealer issuse you with a full 12month warranty on teh repair and an indemnity against any further damages resulting from the original fault. Please note that your warranty is the liability of your dealer (from whom you purchased the caravan) and no one else.


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