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Jun 19, 2005
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Hi folks

Please ignore my ignorance but I am fairly new to caravanning.

I purchased an Elddis Wisp 510 last year and the jockey wheel is a little worse for wear. I have seen them for sale on the internet and also in caravan shops but how do I find out which one will suit my van. Should I just take my original one into a shop and ask for a replacement or should I measure it and buy one off the internet (often cheaper), if so how do I measure it?

Any advice appreciated.

I am also a bit unclear about taking bikes with us on holiday. I am wheelchair dependent but I have an attachment that fixes to my wheelchair that allows me to pedal with my hands. My son wants to take his bike with us as well and I am unsure whether the bikes can go in the caravan (loaded correctly of course) or do they have to go on a cycle carrier on the car. I have seen lots of people with carriers on their cars and I just wondered if they just needed the space in the caravan or if there was a law regarding this. Can anyone clear up these points for me please?

Thanks in advance.



Mar 14, 2005
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Dougy, all you need is the diameter of the tube for the jockey wheel, and get one of the same size. Regarding the bike transport, carrying it inside the van is fine, as long as you secure it against moving during transit, to save damage to the inside of the van.


Mar 14, 2005
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A has already been said you need to know the diameter of the jockey wheel tube, then decide on which type of jockey wheel you want as prices go from just over


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