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Mar 14, 2005
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Can anyone enlighten me

My car, a vauxhall Vectra estate 3.0CDTDi has a Kerb Weight of 1662Kg and a gross vehicle weight of 2240 (Vauxhall max tow limit of 1800Kg.)

In the registration document it indicates a mass in service weight of 1705 kg - What is this ?

Also how do I find out the max train weight ?

I tow a Swift Challenger with a MTPL of 1436 Kg and the car tows it very well, really stable etc. but I just want to be certain on the legal issues
Mar 14, 2005
As you are quoting a maximum permissible towload of 1800kg for your Vectra it must be a manual version in which case the max. gross train weight is 4030kg, i.e. somewhat less than the sum of the GVW (2290kg) and the towload.

There is a change, however, for model year 2006. The GVW goes down to 2240kg but the gross train weight is up very slightly to 4040kg (it is then the sum of GVW and towload). Again, this applies to the manual version only.


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