Mar 14, 2005
Hi I am looking at possibly changing my 2004 sterling euoropa for a van which I have been told does not exsist? The layout we want is a fixed rear doble with a side dintte which be made to bunks and left up with a front dinnig/seating area we currently tow with a galaxy however I do like the look of the new Discovery so size of van is not really a problem but after a lng dayout with the kids its nice to be able to tuck them up in there bunks which we do now but then we have to make up are double. There must be at least one manufacturer out there who do such a layout??

Regards A.
Mar 14, 2005
I think the only manufacturer

to do this type of van is hobby we saw one on a site in paigton this summer that had a fixed bed and bathroom at the front then side dinner and fixed bunks i think or it could have been wardrobes as well

then kitchen and wardrobes

then a lounge with wraparound seating at the back which also made a double bed

only problem is that you are supposed to tow it with a commercial vehicle cos of the width.

Happy hunting the layout you want down.



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