Mud flaps for 2016 Fiat Ducato base vehicle?

Oct 24, 2015
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Morning All,

Please can someone recommend some front & rear mudflaps for a 2016 Adria Matrix on the Fiat Ducato base vehicle.

If I can have my cake and eat it, ideally do not want to have to drill holes into the wheel arches to fit as appear to be two holes there already.

As a side not my supplying Adria dealer told me he would not sell them to me on the basis they were ridiculous expensive. He was right - £146 each!!!!

May 1, 2015
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I had exactly the same problem (but with a people carrier) a few years ago.
I got hold of some thick(ish) rubber sheeting a a few lengths of aluminium bar.
Cut the rubber to size and shape then sandwich the top edge between a couple of strips of aluminium bar which you've already cut to length.
you should then be able to simply drill some holes (corresponding to the ones already the bodywork) and fit them with stainless steel self tappers.
This can be (was) done for less than £15. And by me so it's can't be difficult !!
Hope this helps.....Good luck


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