Murray Walker RIP


May 7, 2005
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Now there was a person who added a lot that was positive to many of our lives, thanks Murray, rest in peace.
Jul 15, 2008
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Murray Walker's legacy is so much more than a BBC motor sport commentator.

The BBC and the knowledgeable Murray put Grand Prix racing on the TV so it became a sport that millions could follow from their homes.
Murray's commentary's and the brilliant technical outside broadcasts came to be beamed all over the world making the sport highly attractive to global advertisers and sponsors.
Modern F1 was built on these early foundations and continues to be promoted further by TV companies with ever bigger wallets.....the money flows......the teams can be financed and the large motor manufacturers are prepared to take part.
The TV coverage was pioneered here in the UK and with it the technical side of F1.
This has resulted in 90% of the teams being based here.

F1 and motorsport owes a great deal to Murray Walker.

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