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Oct 29, 2022
We have a Bailey senator Indiana I have so many questions please!
What battery do I need? Do we just keep it on?
What water canister do we need?
Best place in or near Sheffield to buy 6k propane?
Which wheel lock would we need?
Which hitch lock would we need?
Can you give any info we may need as newbies 🙏


Nov 12, 2009
Hi TD, welcome to the forum
To reply to your questions.
A caravan has 2 electrical systems, 12v and 230v
The 12v system uses a leisure battery, available from caravan accessory shops or Halfords.
If you're able to recharge the leisure battery regularly by connecting the 230v system to a supply via a ehu ( electric hook up) cable or a solar panel when the caravan isn't in use, leave the battery on.
Water is usually stored in an Aquaroll, a round 40 litre container that can be pulled along with a handle.
Most campsites sell 6kg propane and Morrisons petrol stations usually sell it as well.
If your Bailey has an Alko wheel lock receiver, buy and Alko wheel lock, otherwise any gold standard wheel lock should be ok provided that your caravan insurance policy doesn't stipulate a specific lock.
Alko also make a hitch lock that's easy to put on.
No doubt you'll have many more questions, so don't be afraid to ask.
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Oct 22, 2018
Go to Sheffield caravans and have a talk to them.They are very nice people and there is an accessory shop on site.
May 7, 2012
Welcome to the forum.
What battery you need depends on how you intend to use the caravan although you should need a leisure one rather than a car battery. If the caravan is not fitted with a motor mover and will normally be used on electric hook ups then the smallest available will do the job. Its purpose is to keep the power supply to the system steady and without it you can have surges which might cause damage.
If you have a motor mover or go off grid then a larger battery is advisable probably around 120 ah to provide the reserve of power you will need.
If you buy from a caravan dealer or Halfords the battery should fit but if you go elsewhere make sure you know the size of the battery compartment and check the battery will fit comfortably.
There are a number of water containers available but I prefer the Aquaroll and if you lose a cap or other part you can get spares which most others do not supply. You will also need a waste container to catch waste water and the pipes to take this from the caravan.
Ther ALKO wheel lock s easily the best although expensive and dose need the caravan wheel to be correctly positioned to get it through the spokes, it should give you a small discount on the insurance though. There are other good ones from Full Stop and Milenco. You might also find your insurer requires a hitch lock which are widely available from the wheel lock suppliers. Do check if the insurers have any specific requirements for the locks.


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