Overnight stay near Caen arriving 9.30pm from ferry

Mar 10, 2023
Does anyone know of any caravan site that stays open for Brits on the ferry that arrives at Ouistreham about 9.30pm? We used to stay at Riva Bella but we last went to France in 2019 and since then it seems it has been taken over again and does not cater for 1 night booking on a late arrival. Can anyone suggest a site or even an Aire in the region where we could pull in for an overnight stay? We would appreciate any help, Carol & Dave Tate
Jul 18, 2017
There is another site just up the road in Ranville where we stayed, Camping Des Capucines, 4 Rue Du Calvaire, Ranville, Normandy Tel: +33 6 73623290.
It is just off the dual carriageway. Phone or email as you normally have to book and pay in advance and notify them of time of arrival which will be about 10pm.


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