Portable Satellite Dish

Jun 25, 2021
Recently bought a Vuesat portable satellite dish from Satgear. Used it twice now in the Highlands of Scotland. Works a treat with my Avtex TV.

Nice looking dish comes complete with a good tripod and all cables necessary.

I have contacted Darren at Satgear for advice and received prompt responses.

Gone are the days of poor TV reception with my terrestial TV ariel.

So far very happy all round.
Aug 25, 2011
I have stopped my TV licence, so don't need my satellite dish or receiver. About 15 years ago I paid £150 for sky to fit a dish and a receiver to the house with the intension of taking the receiver away with us. I then purchased a new dish of fleabay took the receiver and new dish away with us and never have we ad any bad reception from Scotland to Wales , only thing you have to think about is large trees and buildings. Enjoy your TV. By the way when the card needed renewing it came up on the TV and it was free.



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