Problem with 12 volt electrics

Dec 1, 2011
Sorry if this one has been asked before but I couldn't find symptoms like mine. We are going away at the end of the week in our 2008 Elddis Crusader and I went to the storage site to fit a new fully charged 110ah battery. The van is not on EHU so I wanted to check the 12 volt electrics. Everything seemed to work at first but then I noticed that the battery charge display meter (CBE) was flickering i.e. on/off. The flickering was constant and seemed to coincide with a sort of clicking noise form the under locker fuse panel.

I then lost the 12 volt altogether so I checked and ultimately replaced all the blade fuses but with no effect. Checked for loose connections and anything else I could think of. I have read that it could be the battery charger, power supply unit or even a fuse in the positive supply cable to the battery (which I can't find). I wondered if the clicking noise was relays behind the fuse panel. If so are they repairable?

I can't get my dealer out to look at the van until we get back back so my main question is this. Can I get 12 volt electrics i.e lights etc when I go on EHU on site i.e. bypassing the 12 volt from the leisure battery.

Thanks in anticipation.
Jun 11, 2012
Silly Question. Is your new battery fully charged?This is a guess the clicking may have been a relay clicking as the charge was low .As I say just a guess.Maybe Damian will come along and put more light on this for you .As you had what seemed to be OK and then dropped off I would go back to you battery and put a meter on it and check .
Dec 1, 2011
Thanks Sir Roger have replaced the original battery with a fully charged one checked with the multimeter 12.8v volts so changed all the fuses, metered the charger after putting on to hook up and got 13+ volts and still nothing. I am wondering if the power supply unit has gone awol as everything else seems to be ok.
Jun 6, 2006
Have you checked the fuse by the battery?
Also do you have an alarm on the caravan?
If you do try setting and unsetting it, some alarms once set kill the 12v in the van, the alarm can also default set if the battery is disconnected or goes flat, again reset the alarm.


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