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Mar 27, 2005
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Hi Lutz can I pick your brains and get some unbiased views as well?

I currently tow a 7 metre Four birth Lunar (MTPLM around 1300kg) with a Honda CRV. No complaints at all it tows well and we have been very pleased. We have had the Lunar a year and brought it to see if we liked caravanning (I had done it before but wife and children had not) and because it was lightweight and matched the Honda. In another twelve to eighteen months we anticipate upgrading the van to something more luxurious and substantial (and hence heavier) In the meantime we shall change the Honda to something newer and 'beefier' to cope and there lays the question what?

We would ideally be looking for a 4 x 4 as we live in a very remote place and my business/hobby really dictates the need for such a vehicle. I do run a 4 x 4 crew-cab as a works vehicle but it is sign written and to be honest never that presentable to use socially.

We had almost decided on a Landrover discovery but doing some homework I have come across a few poor reports, it did not help that while away this last weekend we were parked next to someone with one and he was not at all happy with his.

In a previous job I worked for the Audi/VW rally team and have owned many Audi's and VW's over the years but they don't really do a suitable vehicle do they? I would buy a Touareg tomorrow if I could afford one and he Audi offroad looks good but is it a suitable tow car?

A friend has an Isuzu but recons the spares availability is a nightmare and, with respect, I don't want a Kia.

So Lutz what's your opinion on this 'type' of vehicle


I don't mind other peoples input but I am conscious that this subject often promotes bad feeling on the forum and my question is a genuine plea for guidance so if anyone else has anything constructive to say you are welcome

Mar 14, 2005
If you've got your eye on an Audi Allroad you won't be making a bad choice. Depending on what engine and whether manual or Tiptronic its kerbweight is going to be around 1795 to 1825kg and the maximum towload is a whopping 2100kg. At least on paper (I haven't got any personal experience) it would sound an ideal towcar but there are other four wheel drive saloons and estates which may be worth looking at as well, such as the Volvo XC70 or a 6 cyl. Subaru Legacy, although the Subaru with a kerbweight of about 1500kg is quite a bit lighter.

I drive a Monterey which is an Isuzu Trooper just under a different name and I can't confirm a problem with spares availability (mainly because over the past 5 years I've had it it's been so reliable there was hardly a need for any).
Jul 26, 2005
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I second Lutz - Izusu Troopers make a superb towcar and I also have not found a problem with spares ( mines a litle older than his probably and I have had to buy the odd part - main dealer excellent and website sources in Birmingham and Buxton the same)

My choices - from experience of both - are a Shogun or Trooper.

Don't know your budget but
Mar 14, 2005
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I've had an Allroad for approx 18/12 and been very pleased with it. Although somewhat inexperienced - only had a tourer for 10 months and only towed about 2,500-300 miles - we have found it to be great. Tows a twin axle - MAM 1800kg with no problems

Has all the advantages of a car with all of what most people use a 4*4 for. I have the 2.5 tdi auto whose kerb weight is in fact 1975kg - from the 'plate - and it has an enormous payload Gross vehicle weight 2580kg if I remember right.

In fact the manual states that the max train weight allows you to tow up to 2300 - if the trailer has an approved stabilser and you limit your speed to 80 km/h - and again hte vehicle plate confirms this.

When we compared it to the volvo mentioned elsewhere we found that vovlo customer relations were useless and - more importantly - the space and load carrying capacity of the volvo to be significantly worse than the audi especially in the back seat.


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