Replacement PSU/Battery Charger

May 4, 2005
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Can anyone please advise me if the standard PSU units available on the market will supply 12v power to my caravan as well as simultainiously trickle charging the on-board battery. Also can anyone recommend where I can get one at a reasonable price. Preferably in the Greater Manchester area to remove the need for P+P.

Mar 14, 2005
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Hi Paul,

Modern PSU designed for caravans will charge the battery and supply DC power for appliances. However they tend to integrate the design so it becomes a power centre.

I reccomend that you look for one with an output capacilty of at least 10A.

In tems of price I do not know what you call reasonable, but your loacl caravan dealer should be able to obtain them for you, or you could check your local MAPLIN store (check out the online web pages)

I do not know how much parking is in in the Gtr Man area, but P&P charges can be reasonable, so dont ignore them you might find a bargain online.


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