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Aug 24, 2019
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Hello from New Zealand.

I have a permanent site powered by solar.

My 150w solar panel is connected to a 120ah deep cycle battery, through a controller recommended for my solar set-up. There are no load outlet points on the controller.

Are there any risks connecting LED light bulbs direct to the battery or should I be looking to connect through a controller with load outlet points?

Mar 14, 2005
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Hello Scott,
Welcome to the forum.

I presume your "site" refers to a permanently placed caravan, and the battery is 12V.

The job of the charge controller is to match the output of the solar panels to the battery to maximise the panels effiency, and to prevent the battery from being damaged by overcharging.

There should be no problem hooking up LED lighting to the battery, but as with all circuits it's usually recommended the circuit should be protected by a fuse or excess current circuit breaker for safety.

Please bear in mind that this is a UK based forum, and you will have different relevant legal regulations that restricts who can do some types of work, and how the job should be done.

Even though it's only 12V dc power, a 120Ah can release enough energy to start fires if the wiring has not been done properly. So only do the job if you are competent to do it , and your local laws and regulations permit it.

Good luck.


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