May 21, 2008
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I'm afraid you'll have to let nature take it's coarse, by hagging your washing on a window rack. Most caravan sites with laundries do have dryers but that's it.

Must admit we tend to take a lot of tea shirts etc which are easy to dry. Mind you, it would be one of the ultimate accessories for the caravan that has already got the works.

I'm sure the site owners will be quaking in their boots, micro waves cause them enough trouble with trips blowing.

Any way welcome to caravanning we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we have over the last twenty years.
Apr 12, 2005
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Hi Carol,

We have a Creda Debonair spinner which we take with us and works well. Not very light, but we have a people carrier and carry it o.k. You can also rinse washing inside it.
Mar 14, 2005
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Here's a true storey!

On a Camper holiday in the Lake District in 1967, we stopped in a lay-by for lunch near a tumbling stream. My daughter, (aged 6) wondered over to watch another family who were having some fun by the stream.

After a while my wife noticed that our daughter was no-where to be seen, and I got and began to look for her. I was just in time to see my daughter disappearing over the top of some rapids.

I was very scared and began to ran, All I could see was her bouncing down the rapids towards a small pool. In the panic all I cold see was my daughter sitting in the centre of a very large blown up inner tube, bouncing down the rapids,

I jumped into the pool and was able to save my daughter. I was very upset, and very wet. We climbed out and I had some choice words with the family who had put my daughter through this. I then noticed that the inner tube was tethered and could not have gone any further and my daughter instead of screaming with fear was actually laughing, and had enjoyed the experience.

I trudged back to the camper with my daughter. We changed into dry clothes.

Meanwhile, one of the boys from the other family knocked on the door and asked if we wanted our clothes drying? Having no where to hang them in the camper I agreed and gave them my shirt.

We watched as they jacked up the rear wheel of their Ford Zodiac, took off the hub cap, wiped the cap and the wheel clean, and put the shirt into the hub cap, clip it back onto the wheel, then rev the engine!

I waited until they brought my shirt back. We quickly moved on, but I have to admit the shirt was dry.


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