Split wheel arch

Sep 16, 2018
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Just had a service yesterday and the engineer found a small split in the plastic wheel arch liner. Its about 8cms long and 3 mm wide. As a temporary measure he put some sealant on it.

I'm wondering if I could glue and pop rivet a patch over it for a more permanent fix.

Would this work and what would make a suitable, flexible patch. For glue I'd think of using sikaflex or ct1.

Any thoughts, especially from anyone who've experienced this would be most welcome.
Oct 17, 2010
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I used a Epoxy type resin that is used by motor cyclists for repair thire fairings.

First thing is to stop the spilt, by drilling the end of the split.
Then if you can get to the back of the split, clean, make sure it's spotless, make some strips, and cover in resin then place across the back of the split, I used plastic plant markers.

Allow to to set, only a few minutes, then fill the the split with the resin leave to set
Then sand smooth with wet and dry paper. Take your time and you will not see the split. Top coat with Fiat 249 if I remember. If any colour difference, hard to notice on wheel arc.

Good luck.

PS Check paint shade.
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