Storing a load

Sep 2, 2018
Does anyone have tips for securing items in the van when traveling?
We had a poltergeist on our trip back from plate on the floor from the pile from a closed head height locker..... Still closed on arrival!
Is it just the case of wedging things together on the floor or do folk use bungee cord or...?
The Adora has two massive single bed storage areas at the back of the van, we love the layout since they can push together to make a bigger than king size width until I snore, but ultimately they can't store heavy stuff for van imbalance.
One refillable gas container up front but nose heavy so nothing else can go in that front locker.
May 7, 2012
If you have a lot on the floor you should be able to get an expandable bar which locks to either side immediately ahead of the load on the floor. Another behind the load should hold it steady.
We have the bed near midships so we do not have the problem of weight in the bed. It holds the items that used to be on the floor. In your case some care needs to be taken although the car boot can help but again yo9u have to watch you do not overload the back axle.
The catches on the roof lockers should hold everything in so I would think either the catch is faulty or weak or it was not closed fully. Not sure how the crockery was loaded or the type though so with some designs the weight could have moved against the door and pushed it open which would mean a rethink on how it was loaded.
Oct 12, 2013
Make sure your microwave dish is out of the microwave and if your plates are falling out while in transit like ray says check your catches , they may need to be packed out a bit and brought out so the keep catches better to make the door more tight .


Nov 12, 2009
It's not very often that I carry heavy items in the caravan, there are just the two of us so most of our stuff is loaded into the car.
If you haven't got a fixed plate rack inside your overhead locker it might be a good idea to invest in a couple of the plastic underbed storage boxes often sold at discount stores.
You could place the boxes on the caravan floor between the front benches, or even under the front benches. Pack heavier breakable items with clothing to prevent movement inside the boxes and you should be ok
Feb 23, 2018
I bought some anti slip matting from an online auction website that was then cut to fit the lockers. Good to stop stuff sliding about. Also put heavier stuff in a simple plastic stacking box with rubber pads stuck on the bottom. Hasn't slid about on either carpet or lino.
Oct 12, 2013
Like Parksy says , we have a fixed plate rack in our cupboard for the plates and saucers and even a kind of glass rack where you can put two glasses into each other in the back to secure anything like when your traveling, you weren't travelling with your plates piled up were you as that's asking for disaster :eek:hmy:
We also have the non slip grip blue stuff that custard avenger was on about . Tricks of the trade , all these little bits and bobs and ideas from other people are great when starting out .

Enjoy .
Mar 14, 2005
You learn very quickly what items are prone to being thrown around, and you develop your own methods of securing them in the future.

Most items are lodged in their normal storage places, and seem to travel ok, but I do recall on some earlier caravans, the door latches were not very good and occasionally cupboards would open. The worst problem we had was finding the content of one crockery cupboard and the cooking pans not in the cupboard, but becasue it was melamine rather than ceramic nothing was damaged. The temporary solution was to use a rubber band cut from an old inner tube to hold the doors closed. the more permanent solution was to make a trick taken from my sailing experience was to make wooden turn buckles.

When I started caravanning for my self, non slip matting was not available, In fact I remember seeing it introduced at one of the Earls Court Caravan Shows in the mid 70's.

I have tended to use nonslip matting in cupboards and draws and plastic boxes, Where the boxes are to numerous to fit in the bedding lockers I've wedged them using things like the awning bag, spare wheel etc.

When towing empty caravans,( which I did on many occasions) I've used plastic 25L bottles filled with water to provide ballast to get nose loads correct , These have been secured using bungy chords or transit straps. I never thought of using anti slip matting on the floor, but with the benefit of hindsight, that would have been a help but not a complete answer on its own.
Sep 2, 2018
Thank you for all the tips people..... we did use the anti slip matting on the high lockers, but methinks hair straightener woman probably piled plates up.... melamine fortunately.
The extendable cargo bars produced an ahh!, but they are pricey...... I thought.Mind you compared to reverse camera etc they are cheap.....:) but I can't keep buying things or I'll be getting straightened out...... Packing out cupboards, rubber feet on plastic boxes seems like a good idea too, so thanks again to one and all.
Don't think I saw a topic like this when I was perusing earlier just after we bought.


May 7, 2005
Our removable carpets are foam backed and stay well planted. On that my wife places two of those foldable plastic crates for the odd items not carried in lockers or best not carried in lockers in transit. These in turn remain exactly where placed due to the drag the carpet pile creates stopping them moving. She sticks the new tea towels between items likely to move within, the crates to stop things shuffling in the confines of them.


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