The Grand National

Jun 20, 2005
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Not a sport I enjoy at all especially this race which has claimed so many good horses lives. However, that’s irrelevant. A quick look at the horse guide saddened me. Bar one, the names are totally meaningless and have no bearing on the average population who rather than stick a pin on the list prefer to gamble once a year on a name that takes their fancy, a loved one, place , dog , sibling etc. What a shame😉😉😉


Nov 12, 2009
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The Grand National has always been a cruel race DD, and I dislike cruelty to animals intensely.
When I was a callow youth my best mate loved a bet on the horses.
Being a well brought up lad, I had no idea of how to place a bet so my mate resolved to educate me.
My education lasted precisely one Saturday afternoon.
I started off with ten bob, a not inconsiderable sum for a lad in 1968, more than enough for a night at the pub.
By the end of the afternoon I finished with the grand total of nothing, and my hopes for a Saturday night out dashed!
My mate had done all sorts of mysterious things with mine and his beer money, and if things had gone to plan we'd have been considerably well off young men, but our plans came to naught.
My gambling career began and ended there and then, I still know nothing about placing a bet and I haven't been inside a bookies since that fateful day.
I wasn't very happy at the time, but I suppose that in the long run, my mate did me a favour.
Jan 3, 2012
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I am not a betting man but when I was working we would all put money into a pot, have a favourite horse and one year I had a third place and it was through luck of the draw but was an enjoyable experience at the time which I remember fondly. However I would not do this now as I find the race cruel with the high fences the horses have to jump.


Mar 14, 2005
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My grandmother lived in a house overlooking Aintree Racecourse, she made a pretty penny from people wanting a raised view of the races !!!


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