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Dec 2, 2005
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has anyone got a programme for "caravan friendly routes" for your tom tom, as all mine does is take you the quickest way, a 7 seater people carrier and a 7 metre long caravan going down a one track lane isn't fun when you meet something.


Mar 14, 2005
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Mark, there is not a specific programme for the TomTom for caravan routes. There used to be one on the AA website, but even this has been discontinued.

Having been in the exact same position as yourself last summer, Grand Espace and 7.2 mtr van on the back down a VERY narrow lane with hedges brushing each side of the van I know the nightmare.

However, if you get TomTom to give you the route to the site, then using the directions in the handbook, programme it to go via the suggested route from the nearest main road.

As with any nav system, it is an Aid, nothing more, and relies on common sense when things get difficult. Dont forget you can get TomTom to give alternative routes at the press of a button, or having ignored a direction, it will recalculate a new route in seconds.
Aug 31, 2005
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Hello Mark ; (Happy New year !) I cannot speak for the TomTom, but what i would say is that many portable Sat Nav systems allow you to specify the type of vehicle being driven; in my case I set the Garmin unit to "Lorry" and, in addition, I set the unit to actively AVOID 'minor roads'. In that way, the routes will always be the main roads, eve if that means additional mileage. If your unit simply always provides the most direct route then I would suggest that you carefully check the calculated route on a map before committing yourself (because it's not fun is it being stuck along a narrowing road with no escape !)

All the best



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