Tow Bar confusion

Dec 31, 2011
I own a 2012 swift sundance 630 l and want to get a tow bar fitted in order to tow a small car (probably a fiat) but i am a bit lost as to which is the best design to go for. I've also seen several forums where it is suggested an a-frame is illegal to use with certain motorhomes. I would also like to find out if anyoe can recommend a company to fix a tow bar in the west midlands. Any help would be gratefully received.
Jan 23, 2011
Hi Nathan as it's a 2012 model, the TowBar will need to be "Type Approved" (by Swift's) so worthwhile contacting them. Try their Motorhome forums on "Swift-Talk" as they usually respond quite quickly on there.
Regarding "A" Frames - legal or illegal Spain & France - definately illegal. Rest of Europe legality dubious. UK not determined but no case been brought before a Court todate (as far as I'm aware) Many take to chance & will argue black is white on the various forums, I'm not sure they would be so confident in front of a judge. Guess, it's more of the Clint Eastwood question "Do you feel lucky, p*** !"


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