Watch out for this when buying a used caravan.

May 24, 2014
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As I mentioned in another post, we have recently changed our caravan for a late 2016 Sterling Continental. Being less than two years old, it should be fairly safe to assume the balance of the Swift warranty would be activated, the three year mechanical and parts labour, and the six year water ingress warranty (10 for a new caravan).

However, this only happens if the caravan has been serviced in accordance with Swifts requirements. Assuming that most people would service their new van in the first year, it all comes down to whether the dealer services it on time and how long he has had the caravan. As dealers appear to service and stamp the caravan only at point of sale/collection they very often fall short of meeting Swifts time scale and therefore the warrany isnt transferrable. Some leeway is given on service times, but it isnt infinite. Always check this point.

Twice whilst looking at caravans we picked up on this point and had to reject them, even being told by one salesman that it really didnt matter, it wouldnt be a problem for most purchasers. Yeah........right.

As it is, we have the balance of the Swift warranty and a full three year warranty running concurrent.
May 7, 2012
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Good advice as I have seen several posts on the forums from people who have bought secondhand and not checked the position, resulting in claims being rejected. You do still have rights against the dealer, if bought from one, and possibly a finance company but claims against a dealer needs them to be there and co operative.
Nov 11, 2009
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The dealer I bought my caravan from serviced it iaw NCC and Swifts schedule but it was too early in the time window. So I had it reserviced again and within the window which kept my 6 year water ingress warranty live. I guess caravans are no different to buying a used car in this respect if you want to retain the balance of manufacturers warranty. I did the same when I bought the Skoda; wheeledvit round to an authorised Skoda service Center whose labour rates are less than main stealer.
Oct 12, 2013
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I got an email reminder back in February time saying that it was due a service in May and you get a 90 days window either side of that date not that i'll forget my service date as it's my birthday ! :p
Mar 14, 2005
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