Which Bailey model for New for Old Value

Aug 31, 2008
My c'van insurance is up for renewal this month. I'm currently with the Camping and Caravanning Club insurance having changed from the Caravan Club insurance last May. The CCC quote last year was considerably cheaper than the Caravan Club.

My Senator 5 Arizona (front double and side dinette/bunks) is insured on a New-for-old basis and when discussing my quote with CCC and checking the replacement value of a new c'van I was given the figure of £21,700 as the replacement value of the nearest equivalent - a new Unicorn 3 Madrid (including a new motor mover valued at £1,025).

However, on checking on the Bailey website I see that the U3 Madrid is in fact only a 3 berth as the side dinette/bunk beds have been replaced with a single bed. We like our current layout as it enables us to put our grandchildren to bed in the side bunks whilst continuing to sit in front lounge until our later bedtime.

Strangely it seems that NONE of the new Bailey U3s have this sort of layout. There is only the 3 berth Madrid or the fixed-bed models with the single beds in the lounge.

I'm now a little unsure at to what replacement ;'van value we need to be insured for in case of the worst-case-scenario of our current 'van being written off.

Any helpful comments would be appreciated.

May 7, 2012
I thought the bunk was an option but it is not on the web site. I would still insure for the replacement value and you can then opt for a similar model from another manufacturer if you need to with the CC. Have a word with the C&CC and see what they say.
You might also check with a dealer if they can fit a bunk and add that to the sum insured.


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