Who's forum is it?

Mar 14, 2005
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I have seen a number of postings that imply that some writers believe the forum belongs to contributors, and as such the moderator has no right to "moderate".

It is my understanding that the forum actually belongs to Haymarket Publications.

As the owner of the site, Haymarket may place a disclaimer that the views and opinions of the contributors are not necessarily the views and opinions of the owner, but the owner is under certain obligations under UK law to prevent certain material from being published.

To do that the site has to have an administration policy, and effectively that means Haymarket can if they choose decide who what or when or IF, contribution's can be published, equally at their own discretion they can withdraw any or all contributions.

The moderator is working on behalf of Haymarket, and will be entrusted to control the site according to Hypermarket's rules.

Those people who abuse Haymarkets invitation and rules to use the site are in danger of devaluing the site and if Haymarket can see no benefit or the potential for commercial damage they will I am sure reconsider the availability of the site.

There now I've thrown my rattle out of the pram, and I'm going down the pub again via the Chit Chat - got some ideas for Bonfire night.


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