1st Tow Review Golf 1.4 TSi DSG

Apr 13, 2009
Hi all

Had my new golf mk 6 4 door for one week. It had the towbar fitted Friday (Witter fixed flange single electric at a cost of only £250 (bargin as quote £340 from the other local fitters).

I had reviewed the towing capability of the car before ordering everything look goo on paper max towing 1300Kg, 85% is 1140Kg, caravan max weight is 1000kg so that all looks good. Having always towed with larger engines (2.5, 2.0 diesel, 2.0l petrol) I was still a little concerned as the eingine is 1.4 TSI 122 bhp with a 7 speed (yes 7 speed) DSG gearbox. Its turbo charged and has all the tourqe from 1500 revs

So if you are having the same sort of deliberations here is my first tow report.

Don't worry its is great. We went to derbyshire (as we generally do) and some of the hills were reasonably steep but more of that later.

Off we went with the car moving off very easily. Soon we were on the straight of the A15 and doing 50 in 6th at 2000 revs. Effortless driving to the motorway and up to 60mph again at 2000 revs in 7th. Inlcines do make a change to 6th or if steeper 5th but you do not know as the car is the quietest I have ever driven (since 1978) and the gear cahnge imperceptable. Just let it do its thing.

Off the motorway to the winedy steeper hills of Derbyshire. Yes if its steep the gears will drop (3rd was the lowest) and the engine can at last be heard as it pulls you up the hill at a steady 50mph. Occasionally you would expect it to change up a little sooner then it does but hey it has so many cogs to choose from I can forgive it that.

Fuel consumption was just a ltille better then my previous tug (2 litre petrol Cmax auto) at an average of 23mpg (but dont forget over 1/3rd of the journey was up hill and down dale). Solo at present I am getting 44 in to town and 38 around town. And the car has still only done 600 mils so plenty of scopre for better consumption.

So in conclusion my inital investigations were correct and the car is fantastic. Go and try one but so long as you make sure of your weights there are no issues (in my opinion) with towing with a small engined car

Mike T
Mar 10, 2006

Interesting report. What is the max torque, and over what range is it available?

The 7 gear DSG sounds a good idea.

I am on a 266 pound/feet xtrail from a 2 litre diesel engine, my previous xtrail, a 2.2 diesel gave out 231 pound/feet both ware max torque at 2000rpm.

But i still think the old xtrail pulled just as good. I would go for the 2.2 again over a 2 litre, there is no substitute for cc's?

To get the performance out of a 1.4 engine, must require a large or twin turbo, probably variable vane? Along with very high injection pressures, intercooler, etc. Otherwise the honda route of old, high revving engines?

Do you know how they get the power outputs?

Anyway, that's the way "developments" are going, all in the name of reducing co2.
Apr 13, 2009
Hi Ray

Its 200nm of tourque from 1500 revs or about 147 ft/lb. Whatever it is sole its a pocket rocket, fas fast to 60 than the 140 hp tdi (but not by much. All I know is I have not had so much fun since I gave the Sierra Cosworth back (sad)

I have been told that the 1.4 TSI122 bhp is in very short supply as its also fitted into other Vw models as well as Seat and Skoda. If I ordered the car at present then delivery would be wait for it feb 2010. So overall I a very impressed. The car havong been reworked from the Mk5 is just a revelation its so quiet I am never sure its running.

They also do a 160 bhp version of the same engine which has Turbo and Supercharger so it would really fly.

The Vw marketing fro the TSo engine is "petrol performace with Diesel economy" Yes to the first and getting there on the second but hey with only 600 miles in 1 week its got some way to go yet


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