2020Adria Atlea, Aire 492 DT bathroom sink.

Nov 11, 2009
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I was over in the Bristol area and decided to look in at a Adria outlet. The new Atlea Are 492 DT is longer than most two berths at nearly 7metres, and can have a good payload increase within MTPLM of 1500kg. The outside was attractive in that its rear panel mirrors German makes insofar that it is not a one piece ABS structure. Its roof panel comes down quite a way onto the rear vertical section with a horizontal joint about 1.5 ft from the top. Its externals look and feel solid. Overall it was quite impressive inside with clean lines and such good size front seats, which would suit many as single beds. The thing that let it down in my view was the ridiculous bathroom glass bowl with inverted J tap. I have larger mugs for my tea.



Mar 17, 2007
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Those salad bowl sinks are presumably cheaper to fit than inset sinks. Awful things. Some are an absolute sod to clean around the base.
May 7, 2012
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We have a similar bowl but white and it is a problem. A better design would have somewhere to put the soap when not in use.
My main criticism of the Adria though is weight, although this may be why they seem to have less problems, light possibly means flimsy.
Not keen on the three in line hob, although it may be better in practice than it looks to me.

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