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Aug 13, 2018
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Hi all,
I desperately need help. I have a 1991 Talbot/Peugeot autosleeper harmony, 1971cc petrol. I have trouble with my gearbox, 2nd and 3rd gear crunching, and engine chugging when accelerating. I have had three mechanics look at it, but it still hasn't been fix fixed, but I have still had to pay.
I have been trying to get this sorted for nearly two months, with no joy. The research I've done, points towards, synchromesh, or linkage problems, the chugging could be down to fuel pump.
My good lady and I decided to take to the open road. So we sold everything, and bought what I thought was a bargain. I am an Artist and my other half makes crafts. The plan was to travel around the country, attending craft fairs, car boots, ect. (the plans of mice and men).
We are staying with Family in the North West, Liverpool, If anyone knows where I can get Harmony fixed, we would be very grateful.
Aug 14, 2018
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I have just bought a 2001 Harmony. It too has a crunchy 3rd gear, but I'm not panicked by it (perhaps I should be, but I'm not.) I find that I can generally avoid an crunching by
a) Pushing the clutch pedal ALL the way to the floor.
b) Taking time with the gear change, allowing the engine to rev down while in neutral before selecting 3rd after second.
Hope this helps.
John A


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