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Mar 14, 2005
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Hi all, Well from a question on tyres (thanks to all replies) weight is playing a part. When I say we come back off hols heavier, we do to the max limit, which does leave more room for lots of wine (2 reasons for buying the van) wine was one!!

But to put fears a bay we weighed all water/gas bottles etc.

Clothes are limited, basically we travel quite empty, no lamps, suitcases and fancy items. We weighed a box of 6 bottles so we could find the max to return with, and the best of course, it great fun going to the outward places and wine tasting, my hubby keeps a list of what he has. Cellar now standing at about 250. NO we are not alcoholics, some mature in bottles (Medoc) some will keep for upto 60 years and the well need I say more. Do others do this? and use the hols for the excuse? Oh by the way when we were looking for a van I read PC mag for over 12 months, it was there advice on weighing what you put in the van to know the weight your towing. See PC some off us do listen and practice what has been preached.
Jul 15, 2005
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Sort of.

I work in Rotterdam and live in the UK, so I travel Dover - Calais quite a lot. Frequently enough so that we buy nearly all of our food in France, and of course loads of wine.

Tips: French butter is the best in the world - both Beurre Doux (un-salted) and for a special treat Beurre au Sel de Guerande (butter with special sea salt)

Anyone making the Dover - Calais trip and want to fill up on the way back, I recommend the Auchan Hypermarket at Grand Synth - Junction 25bis / Commercial Centre - close to Dunkirk.

Plenty of room for cars + vans almost as soon as you enter the car park.

The Auchan wine buyer, Pierre Channau, has been sourcing "varietal" wines from the south of France - a stunning Gamay (light red), medal winning Merlot (heavy red), and a quite unbelievable Sauvignon Blanc (fragrant white). Several others in the range - all show a new world style bottle label - and all sell for Euro 2,05 a bottle.

Can't fault them, they won't improve with storage, and should be consumed inside 6 - 12 months.



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