Confused but keen

Jan 24, 2011
Hello and oh my what a choice.
Ian and I are planning of disappearing for 6 months around Europe in the next 12 months and we are planning on getting a motorhome. We didnt know whether to go for a caravan and replacement car or a motorhome, but feel as we also take part in a lot of motor sport (race our MG BGT) we could also enjoy the comfort of a motorhome whilst at the numerous race circuits.

We attended the Manchester caravan show this weekend and saw the Burstner motorhomes, ohhhhhhh my they are fantastic, mind you so is the price. As neither of us has ever been in a motorhome we didnt think it would be wise to jump for the first one we loved and pay almost 90K for it.
I read the comments about making a wish list. this is a brilliant idea and I know for sure from a purely practical point of view that I will be looking for a fixed double bed for Ian and I and also the availability of additional sleeping for friends and family when they join us later in the trip. We also have a little dog Bertie (patterdale terrier) who will be joining us on our trip and so the interior will need to be able to withstand his paw marks and fits of running around like a mad man (or should that be mad dog)
We also thought about the following questions that I hope some kind people can help us with (i am sure there will be more as time goes on)
We want to use the motorhome to tow our race car.. this is estimated to be under 1 ton.. what are the legal limits for towing behind a motorhome and what is the max length?
We thought that would be buy a A frame to enable us to bring along our Peuguet 206 with us.. I've heard that this maybe made illegal does anybody know if this is the case?
What are the insurance implications on driving a large motorhome? Do we need special insurance and maybe even a different class on our current vehicle licence?
We know that certain caravan parks do not allow large motorhomes to use the facilities as they do not have large enough plots or the access points are too small.. does anybody feel that owning a large motorhome restricts them a lot?
I think thats it for now.. sure there will be more to come.
Nov 24, 2010
Hi Both
Hope i can be of some help
The weight a motorhome can tow is governed by the weight of the motorhome and the gross train weight-its usually the difference between the two less about 10%-this should be shown clearly on the tow bar if fitted-plates showing weights should be clearly displayed.
A -frames are a grey area and there has been much argument and discussion for several years- they seem okay in Britain but are supposedly illegal in certain countries abroad- new legislation is due and drops in favour of them being made illegal -so I have read
Insurance is not a problem-specialist companies can sort out most needs
Large motorhomes can cause problems on some sites-mine is 7.73m and I have struggled to get on some picthes abroad but many sites are equiped with larger pitches
I also tow a boat and overall lenth is 50 feet- no restrictions on length but you have to be careful- and of course larger motor homes are retricted on speed



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