Ford Transit or Fiat Ducato?

Nov 29, 2010
I currently have a CI Carioca on a 2.3l Fiat and was thinking of buying a new CI Carioca which is on the 2.2l Ford transit. I have owned a Fiat Punto and a Fiat Doblo and I know a lot of people are quite scathing about Fiat but the Punto gave no problems during its 9 years with me and the Doblo is on a similar track. OK a few bits of trim rattle but neither failed to start or had anything replaced other than consumables.
So prejudice aside, is the Ford as good as the Ducato or should I look for a Merc! Facts and figures would be useful such as fuel consumption, service interval etc.

Nov 19, 2010
Personally, I've been a Ford fan all my life; also, as far as motorhomes are concerned I've avoided Fiats in recent years (a) because of early problems with the current model and (b) because I'm a bolshie so-and-so, and the whole industry is trying to push Sevels at us all the time!
So I'm not exactly impartial. But I DO love driving my Transit, and especially all the extras in the cab (eg, who else makes ANY vehicle with a heated FRONT windscreen?). As John says, give one a try and see if you fall in love.
Jul 31, 2012
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We like our 2.5 Ford Transit, fuel consumption around 25/26mpg, but we are at the upper limit of our payload
and it still pulls well up long slopes
Jan 29, 2012
I had a 2007 Peugot Boxer the same as a Ducato the engine blew up up at 8,800 miles came back after 2 months with a new engine then never went more than a month at a time with engine management system failures, new wiring harness fitted which did not cure fault. Then gearbox's failed and never lasted more than 33,000 miles at a time. I now have a rear wheel drive Transit and after 82,000 miles the only fault I have is the gear lever seems to be geting stiff to operate. So for me it's the Transit every time mainly because its more comfortable to drive and theres no shelf above the front window to bump your head on every time you get in or out. The engines in the Transit Boxer and Ducato are the same 100 BHP unit but I am told that eary versions suffered timing chain adjuster problems resulting in engines blowing up.
Aug 30, 2013
Hi Al,

Have you seen our Fiat Ducato / Peugeot Boxer Buyer's Guide in the Advice section of this website?

It will really tell you what common problems to look out for with these popular motorhome base vehicles if you're buying secondhand. It's also very handy to know how to keep your motorhome in good condition even if it's laid up for the winter. There are some great photos to give you a workshop mechanic's eye-view of common Ducato and Boxer problems that they find here in Britain.

Hope this helps anyone looking at buying a motorhome based on a Peugeot Boxer or a Fiat Ducato.


PS Our Rob Hawkins worked with Lowdham Leisureworld to create this.


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