Freelander 1.8 XEI

Aug 4, 2005
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has/is towing with a 1.8 Freelander. I have a 2000 X reg towing my small 950K(fully loaded) Sprite Finesse but I'm not all that impressed.

On the flat it's ok and still pulls well in 5th but as soon as you hit a LONG hill I find myself dipping down to 4th. This is our first caravan and we love it but we're getting something a bit bigger and newer in the new year but I think the I'll have to change my Freelander for something bigger as well or is my experience normal accross the board. I hear stories of people towing vans with 1.1 Corsers and things so I would have thought a Freelander 1.8 should do the job no problem.

Thank you in advance for your input.

Mar 14, 2005
It all depends what you expect. It is true that all 4 cylinder versions of the Corsa are approved to tow a 950kg van but the question is, how well. In many cases one would probably never even get into 5th gear. I was towing almost on the limit with a 1300kg van behind a 1.8 Vectra for several years and rarely used 5th gear when towing. I've got something different now but at the time I felt quite happy with the situation and the car never grumbled.
Mar 14, 2005

I have used diesel engined tugs for some years now because of this very thing. I found that a long hill was always a bit of a challenge for a petrol engine. I use a Freelander TD4 towing a van at about 1600kg and the problem I get is to keep my speed down. It is very rare for me to have to change down even on fairly steep slopes.

You perhaps need to look for something with low speed torque, or as the bard says - low down grunt.
Aug 13, 2005
Hi Gary

I have towed an Aventura 318 1490kg MTPL 92% match with a 2001 1.8S Freelander for 18 months all over Northern Ireland and some in the south of Ireland. I have found there is a need to change down but I think this is normal. Friends have told me that with some petrol saloons they can rarely use 5th gear.



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