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Apr 30, 2015
Hi all,

My name's Ted and I've just joined the forum although I've not just joined the caravanning fraternity. My wife, Ann and I have had tourers for 44 years now. We've had six, a Sprite, a Monza, a Coachman and 3 Elddis models.
We currently have a 2003 Elddis Odyssey 2 berth 17 footer. I tow with a Suzuki Grand Vitara 2 litre diesel turbo automatic.

This van is very nice to tow and to live in but it's been a catalogue of mini disasters, mostly caused by the dealer we bought it from, trading in our Elddis Broadway. Heading home to Manchester I thought the van was restricting my performance going up a hill on the A6 out of Buxton. I stopped at the top and felt the brake drums through the alloy wheels. They were both too hot to keep a finger on. I got home safely and booked it in for rectification under warranty. Leaving it with them for a few days I collected it and got it home. The drums were even hotter ! Before I could get it down the drive, a truck mirror scraped the offside about 5 feet up for 30 inches. Hit and run, of course, I was watching the footy.

I put it away round the back of the house and then the nearside tyre went down. I took it to National, where we have an account and they know me. Turned out to be a porous alloy wheel.

I rang the dealer.........." It's not covered...look in the book ".........I looked in the book...it was covered. I rang back..."Oh, well it might be then..you'll have to ring the warranty insurers " They gave me the number and I told them that it wasn't my job to do that but anyway..... I rang , " Wheels aren't covered " said the man. I said they were, according to the book. " Oh, well they might be..could you find out the price of a new wheel for me " I said " That's your job, just get on with it and let me know ".

They haven't, pf course. I've sorted it myself for a crisp tenner ! The dealer wanted £550 for the scratches but I have a £250 excess so I sorted that out as well..another £6 spent ! When the weather got better I stripped the brakes down. They were so tight that I couldn't turn the wheels by hand. I had to hammer the drums off with my copper mallet. The adjusters were completely seized, needing me to use the Oxy/Acetylene to make them work ! I sent an EMail to the CEO//MD of the firm but to date, some 4 months, I haven't had a reply......I would have followed it up had the ' non-work ' not been under warranty. I wont be going there again. A friend of a friend has a tale of woe concerning warranty with the same firm so it's not just me who's a moaning old *** !

We had a trip out to Staffordshire in April for a long weekend and I tripped up in the van, falling backwards, taking the washroom door with me and cracking the back of my head on the cupboards by the sink ! My fault, that one, and I had the door back on and operating well within 30 minutes. I put some longer screws in when we got home. We connected up one of the Aquarolls when we arrived and started off pumping 40 litres of fresh water onto the hard standing until we noticed. The winter drain **** hadn't re-seated properly.

When we got home, the bolts securing the sliding table must have vibrated down. The table had slid out under acceleration and the hinged top had kept going, breaking two of the flimsy barrel hinges. Fixed with small brass hinges. Leaves a gap of a couple of mm but what the hell....I don't care ! Another use for a bungee in future.

Then, putting the van away, both actuation shafts on the motor mover snapped. I thought it was the roll pins which held the cams to the shafts and PowrTouch had two with me the following morning. When I stripped it down it turned out to be both shafts broken at the roll pin holes. PT sent me two modified shafts with keyways instead of pins...much better and full marks to them for excellent, friendly service. Turned out that the rollers were far too close to the wheels putting too much strain on the engagement system......Guess who charged me £100 to transfer it from my old, traded in van ? argggh.

Dontcha just love it........we must after 44 years ! Back to that site on the !5th, it's only 90 minutes away, ideal for a weekend with the best toilet block I've ever seen. Then off th Tenby in August for nearly 3 weeks with friends with their van as well.

All the best to everyone....keep the shiny side up !



Mar 17, 2007
Hi Ted. Welcome to the forum. What a great story. You are right you just got to love it.
Keep posting
Apr 20, 2009
Hi Ted big welcome to the forum.
good read that one, enjoyed it.
keep calm and keep on caravaning :lol:


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