Just had this emailed to me and had to share it!

Mar 14, 2005
A man was standing next in line at a checkout, when

the attractive blonde woman in front of him turned

around and gave him a big smile.

"Hello," she said, as she waited for her change.

"Er, I'm sorry. Do I know you?" The man said in some


"Oh, my mistake. I thought you were the father of one

of my children," she said apologetically, and picking

up her shopping, she left the store.

The man was astonished. He thought, "How amazing that

a good looking woman like that should have forgotten

who fathered her children." Then he began to worry. He

had had an encounter in his youth that could have

resulted in a child he didn't know about. She had been

blonde, pretty, and about the same height.

On leaving the store, he saw the woman getting into

her car. He ran over to her and said, "Look, you

couldn't have been the girl I met that night at a

party in Hampstead, in 1990 could you? We had sex on

the billiards table in front of everyone, things got

really wild and I got so drunk that I didn't get your


The woman looked utterly outraged and said, "No! I'm

your son's English teacher."
Mar 14, 2005
Yes as a retired teacher(the best career move) I often referred to the parents as my mothers or fathers.

Confusing to earwiggers!!


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