Kampa Awning (330 Rally Air pro)

Sep 4, 2017
Has anyone tried to sell an awning (Kampa 330 Rally Air Pro) especially lately what with COVID and all? I have one in very good condition and having scoured eBay, Gumtree and eventually finding this forums "marketplace" it does not look like things are going well on the "used" kit sales front. Any ideas or suggestions you can give from your own experience to help me decide where/how to try and sell getting a reasonable price? Thanks.
May 7, 2012
People like to see things like this in most cases and it is just not possible for most of us just now. Some things for immediate use are selling well, like cycles which we have found go very quickly, but for awnings and the like, I think you will just have to wait. We insisted on checking one we bought second hand.
Not sure when will be the best time to sell, as I think when we come out of lockdown there could be a glut of them, and some very keen deals from retailers. Hope for your sake I am wrong on that last point though.
Nov 11, 2009
They aren’t going that well on the caravan front either. I had one potential buyer asking if it could be taken to his place for viewing. Where’s Warrington in relation to Wiltshire 😂

Another one felt that a small 5 cm fibreglass patch on the A frame fairing would affects its towing safety. I think I will stay off the roads for some while as there are going to be some right idiots out there who should have been in Spain fir two weeks holiday, but have decided to staycation in a caravan.



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