Kia Sorento Auto

Mar 16, 2005
I have just purchased one of these vehicles and would like to know if anyone who has towed with this type of vehicle has any comments between towing in the sport shift or the standard auto.
Mar 14, 2005
Hi John

My Sorento is a Mar 2004 model the latest ones have a 5 speed auto box on them. I have only ever used the sport mode to knock it down a cog when overtaking in a hurry or when on a steady gradient when the auto box changes down and then back up again. I press the sport mode button and it will hold in 3rd gear until we get to the crest of the hill, then I knock it off and it goes back into top gear.Hope this helps.

P.S my van is a 1600Kg MTPLM. the car handles it very well and the auto box is superb.

Regards Jim


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