New Bailey Vigo - best location for TV bracket?

Jul 10, 2012
We are hugely lucky in expecting delivery of a new Bailey Vigo in about 6 weeks time.
The dealer will fit an Avtex swinging arm to take our 20 inch TV as part of the deal.
This will be fitted on the side wall of the tall fridge on the right hand side of the entrance.
Does anyone know whether there are any limitations on where the arm can be fitted?
We just don't like sitting with the TV in the front window.

We have seen one in a 1 year old V|go and it was too high and too close to the corridor to the bedroom.....
#Also, our (several years old) Avtex TV has a 240v - 12v adaptor which will be difficult to hide behind the TV - can we get just the same signal/picture from a 12v connection which would be just one cable? We've always only used it with 240v.

We would be grateful for any thoughts.
Mar 14, 2005
The biggest concern is the weight of the bracket and tv, teh where ever its put teh wall needs to be strong enough to take the weight - not just the dead weight, but when the caravan is towed the vibrations and movement of the caravan will put far more strain onto the structure supporting the bracket.

You best choice is to ask the dealer what options there are for your particular caravan.
Jul 18, 2017
Always remove the TV when travelling. Should not be any issue using the 12v supply although we would prefer to use the 240v if on EHU. The Atex 20" TV probably draws just over 2amps an hour when on 12v.
May 7, 2012
The wall should hold the TV provided you do not overload the bracket but do agree the exact position so there is no mistake there. These have weight limits which you should follow.
Many new caravans have a bracket mounted on similar material at the back, we have had this on two caravans and it has been no problem. As Buckman says though I would not travel with the TV mounted on a bracket.
Jul 18, 2017
Just to add, some dealers will remove the fridge if there is one there and use a mounting plate behind the wall to give extra strength. Others will glue it on and use screws. If bracket pulls away from wall it will also remove the veneer on the wall. Mounting plate IMHO is the best option
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