New Swift Sprite range revealed!

May 7, 2012
I assume this means the wider Eldiss and Compass models have sold well and Swift are jumping on the bandwagon. You can feel the extra width in the Eldiss and Compass models so these should do well and I take it more upmarket Swifts will follow these.
Aug 23, 2009
It'll be interesting get a better photo showing the length of the drawing room seats. From the one shown they don't look long enough to serve as singles. This may just be the angle of the shot. If they are short then as a family van the FB, which a similar layout to our Pegasus GT65 Turin, would not be suitable as two use the front singles and one the dinette. As far as the Sprites go, as a family we still don't like the white locker fronts all the way through, the small sunroof and all the other indicators that the van is very humble, such as no door window. We would also assume that there will be no bulkhead for the seat near the door as with all Swifts which then renders that corner unusable for reclining. Typing this I have my feet up and am reclining in that very corner in our van. I am sure that the whole 8' family van width is very nice but I am still not convinced it is necessary. We've never had an issue with being tight on space in the van even with five us and the dogs. There will be more wind resistance upping the mpg figures on the tow car, not good for the family budget and it will be heavier than a normal width van which will also will hit the wallet with suitable tow cars and fuel consumption. We are very lucky to have plenty of space at home to store the van and width makes no difference to us. Some people it makes a huge difference between home storage or paying for storage. Another minus to family expenditure. Looking at how far out the side dinette comes out, you have more eating space but less corridor space, which for us, planning on a 19" transfer wheelchair to get me around the van could prove too tight. Only the tech spec after launch will answer all this. I suppose I'm just a grumpy behind the times sort of chap but I see more negatives than positives with this one.
Oct 12, 2013
I agree with Martin,
the width of ours is sufficient enough to accommodate the four of us when we go away in ours, the length is spot onto for what we need, ( and I'm so glad Martin has been on and had his little rant about our Swift's , I was just waiting for you !! ) :lol: :p :silly:
Nov 16, 2015
I have looked around the new caravans and , cannot find one that has a better layout , for us, than my present one, Coachman 560 vip. . But good luck to people looking for new vans. . We like the side bed layout.
Nov 16, 2015
Martin24 said:
He's just too tight to buy Mrs Hutch the new VIP that she deserves. :p
The good Mrs H can demand and recieve what she requires . :p thankfully she doesn't like the new vans so I have more chance of a new tow car. But we don't need one yet only 45k on this one. So don't push her :) She doesn't like the Bessecars. :p



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