Nose Weight Gauge

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Nov 6, 2005
It sometimes looks like people have lowered the hitch down further than simply winding the jockey wheel would allow is what I'm saying. Maybe they have a different type of jockey wheel to mine? Not sure what you mean by juggling between hitch and steadies. Surely the steadies should not be supporting the weight of the van at any time.
Some caravans have the jockey clamped to the outside of the A-frame - this allows it to be used higher up, making the hitch lower, than those where it clamps to the inside of the A-frame.
Sep 16, 2018
We use cheap bathroom scales, they seem accurate to within a couple of kilos which is fine, typically we run at +/-90kgs and have a hitch and towbar permissable of 120kgs, so a few kgs makes little difference. (Most noseweight gauges only go up to 100kgs).

Using them is simplicity itself, I just raise the jockey wheel, letting the steadies take the weight, put the scales under the wheel and raise until the steadies are just off the ground. I've not found a few inches of hitch height makes any difference.

The steadies are perfectly capable of taking the caravan noseweight, about 45kgs each steady.


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