ThetfordN3000 fridge has power but not cold

Dec 10, 2007
Nothing worse than a faulty fridge especially when the fault is not obvious. Our Thetford N3000 has a touchscreen panel that is working as normal and not showing a fault. The fridge however is not getting cold at all. I have tried to switch to gas , but this model does not have the little widow showing a pilot light, so it may be lit, but then again it may not... is there a way to check? Either way still the fridge is not getting cold. Ice checked the 12v fuses, they are fine.

Don’t know if it something simple or something more serious, but I’m sure someone out there will be able to guide me.

Mar 14, 2005
As your fridge is a multi-fuel appliance, what ever form of energy you are using it purpose is to produce heat. You should feel the exhaust of teh fridge on teh outside of teh caravan, and if it is working you should be able to feel distinctly warm air (or fumes in the case of gas) escaping from the exhaust.

If you can feel heat but its still not cooling the fridge, then there are two strong possibilities.

The first is the fridge may not be level. These will not work properly if teh caravan is not level. Turn off the fridge level the caravan, wait about an hour and restart the fridge.

If it still doesn't get cold then it may be the fridge has lost its refrigerant fluid. These generally cannot be refilled as the combination of gasses is not the same a air conditioning. Sadly it may means a replacement fridge is required.


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